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Fortunate Kelechi Spoken Word

Fortunate Kelechi is a gifted writer and speaker who uses spoken word poetry to glorify God and edify His people. Built on the foundation of the Word of God and prayer, she has an intense desire for God’s power to flow through every poem she ministers. Her tongue is the pen of a ready writer and she speaks the words of the Father. Fortunate Kelechi’s unique ministry highlights God’s desire to show this generation that His expression cannot be limited.

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Spoken Word as

It’s more than just words. It’s more than just rhythm. It’s more than just rhymes and fancy lines. 

It’s declarations that quicken. Exaltations that paint pictures of a God our minds can’t ever fully fathom. 

It’s bigger than any platform that I could step on. 

It’s an expression of worship. It’s a tool of intercession. It’s a fragrance of praise. It’s a prophetic utterance. 

It’s an extension of the parables of Jesus. It’s the outstretched arm of deliverance. 

It flows like wind. It shakes like earthquakes. It soothes as water. It burns as fire.

It is what God wants it to be.

And I’m His vessel. 

-Fortunate Kelechi, A Servant and God's Beloved

Ministration Invitations/Inquiries

For event invitations, please send an email to that includes the following information:

  • Name of organization 

  • Name of organization leader 

  • Name and description of event (vision, theme, anchor scripture)

  • Your expectations for my ministration (theme, format, timeframe)

  • Logistical information*

  • Contact information for event coordinator

*I am based in Chicago, Illinois, USA and open to traveling

  • Youtube
  • Instagram

Poets Speak Louder is a fellowship/mentorship program that seeks to ignite a generation of Spoken Word ministers of the gospel. We believe that this gift of poetry can be used as a tool of revival and intentionally invite the Holy Spirit to move through us in this way. If you have been gifted to use words in a creative way and want to join a group of like-minded, creative believers to learn more about Spoken Word as ministry, send a DM to @poetsspeaklouder on instagram or send an email to

Join the next generation of prophetic poets! 

Ezekiel 3:3-4

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