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Fortunate Kelechi Ekwuruke

Department of Human Development and Social Policy, Northwestern University, IL
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I am an interdisciplinary scholar whose research examines issues related to housing insecurity, adolescent development, and education. 

The Poetic Academic Blog

For my intellectual musings with a narrative twist.

So, the name might be self-explanatory: I’m a poet and an academic, hence “The Poetic Academic”. But what is The Poetic Academic Blog? Well, you’re about to find out. You want to know a secret though: I don’t exactly know myself [oops!], but I figured we could go on this journey together. The journey where I let my thoughts drive my fingers and surprise my eyes with the words on the screen. Now, let’s see where this journey will begin. Here goes something... [unintentional rhyming, but hey— there’s no denying that I am a poet].  

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